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Friday, June 21, 2013

Bayou in Foggy Bottom

From a sketching perspective, this building in Foggy Bottom is a complete mess, and that's why I wanted to sketch it, knowing full-well that any semblance of accuracy needed to be downgraded from exact to relative in order to come away with a plausible rendition of the building. Of course, that was the easy part; actually doing the sketch was the challenge. Working in intervals of 15-20 minutes during lunch and two one-hour sessions after work, I had to fight against illegally parked delivery trucks blocking my view (twice!), random rain showers, curious onlookers, and some guy sitting exactly in the spot I established to draw from.

Oh well, this isn't rural sketching in the quiet peaceful countryside; this is urban sketching in our neurotic and ever-moving city called Washington, DC!

Sketched with a cheap gel pen into a 4" x 6" sketchbook.


  1. Bayou is itn't, but memories it it: Have a 50c dark beer and

  2. I could have used that 50c dark beer after everything I had to go through just to sketch this building!