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What is Urban Sketchers?

Since December of 2009, Urban Sketchers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising the artistic, storytelling and educational value of location drawing, promoting its practice and connecting people around the world who draw on location where they live and travel.

To foster the art of on-location drawing, the Urban Sketchers nonprofit raises funds for artists grants and scholarships and organizes educational workshops.

Now in 2010, as more and more sketcher become part of the USk network, Urban Sketchers Washington DC has launched to be an extension of the USk network into the Nation's Capitol, and continue the original mission of the Urban Sketchers agenda.

How do I become a blog member?

Site members are invited based on the quality of their work, style, originality, location and overall skills as visual storytellers. The goal is to make the blog as diverse as possible in terms of geography and style.

Members come from all corners of the DC Metro area and have diverse backgrounds, from painting, architecture, journalism, advertising, illustration, graphic design or teaching. Some are veteran published authors, others are young illustrators. All of them share the same passion for drawing on location.

Being a member means a strong involvement in our community of sketchers, posting to the blog regularly —a minimum of once a month— and offering feedback to fellow sketchers on the blog and Flickr. Correspondents not only add individual drawings to the blog but also narrative explaining the circumstances in which the sketch was done or a particular story behind it.

We follow the USk>DC Flickr group closely as we look for new correspondents.


Feel free to get in touch, or ask any questions you might have