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Monday, February 7, 2011

mall sketches

because of my new job, i suddenly find myself with an hour lunch break in areas where lots of people are - the mall!  so, in an attempt to better my drawing skills and to stay active with drawing, i have taken it upon myself to eat and then head out to find human subjects to sketch. however, this can sometimes be challenging, since i am often far away from my subjects or they move before i am anywhere near finished. so, i'm going to post some of my drawings here to share over time.  

this particular drawing is from one of those days when i just wasn't finding too many people to draw, so i resorted to drawing my hands. :)

and here's one of actual people!  i like to find a spot in the lounge areas with chairs facing toward the center so i can easily see everyone. with a lot of these drawings, i have under a minute to get something down on paper, as people either shift positions or leave outright.  it is a challenge, but also sort of enjoyable to race against the clock, so to speak.  as i spend more time in the area i'm sure i will find the best vantage points to draw from...

i'll post more in future days / months as i draw and scan them...

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