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Monday, September 19, 2011

Congressional Cemetery

Congressional Cemetery Statue; Marie Estelle Kretchmar
A bunch of us were itching for another sketchcrawl, so we gathered up at Congressional Cemetery (near the Stadium Armory Station) this past weekend. We started by getting an extremely interesting tour of the grounds from former chairman of the board of the Cemetery Preservation Association & sketcher himself, Patrick Crowley. We had a great overview of the grounds, peaked into a vault or two and learned quite a bit about the cemetery and DC history. Elbridge Gerry (see: gerrymandering) John Philip Sousa and J. Edgar Hoover are just a few of the guests on the grounds. While it's not as grand or well known as Arlington National Cemetery, its absolutely lovely and worth a visit. With an absolute over abundance of subject matter to tackle.
Congressional Cemetery Wm. Lambell Vault
After our tour I began the sketch of a burial vault, and managed to halfway finish it before being interrupted by the rain. Now some of the other sketchers braved the rain better than I and made some beautiful work, but not I. So I took a break and walked around a bit, searching for a beautiful little statue Patrick pointed out on our tour. "Marie Estelle Krachmar" caught my eye with her broken legs, eroded surface (marble is vulnerable to acid rain) and the fact that everyday someone puts a coin in her lap. So I began sketching her when a there came a lull in the rain. That lull was short though, and ultimately I had to finish both sketches at home, but the group has talked about coming back on a sunnier day that may be more conducive to sketching outdoors. I'm looking forward to it.


  1. What lovely sketches, you were very lucky to visit this cemetery. I had no idea it existed!

  2. I love the texture on the girl's statue. Very nice detail.