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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

hotel art - the secret lives of drawer bottoms

so... this is a little bit of a different type of location sketching, if ever there was one. for the last 15 odd years, whenever i stay somewhere, i try to leave my mark... on the bottoms of the drawers in the room i'm staying in. sometimes i have more time than others, which is why some of the designs are detailed and others look rushed. i do not harm the drawer in any way, and most times no one ever knows this artwork exists. but anyway, this is what i do!

some of the designs are from my imagination, but sometimes i am actually drawing something that i see in life. it could be something in my room, or something i see in the view out my window.  back in the day i used to use more paint, but since 2001 carrying paint onto an airplane is not as easy as it once was. so these days i generally stick to crayons, colored pencils, and sharpies.

the ones i've posted here are all drawn from life.  to see the entire collection of drawer drawings that i have online, you can visit my flickr album HERE.


  1. These are fantastic- I might have to make a point of going on trips & staying in hotels just so I can do this too.

  2. you should! in all the years i've been doing this i've only ever once ran into a drawer that someone else got to first... and they did theirs in 1987.

  3. what a cool idea. I'm going to put this into practice next time I stay in a hotel

  4. Your post was just what I needed to read today. Your ideas are always timely and relevant.