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Thursday, January 2, 2014

McMillan Sand Filtration Site

Talks have been going on since 2008 about developing the area between North Capitol Street and Michigan Avenue.


  1. As interesting as I this, I was a bit puzzled by the links to the City Paper and "Facts." That's really only one side
    of the story. A fuller version of the story is available from this, the National Register of Historic Places documentation of the site, and some superb pictures of various parts of the site:, and the Friends of McMillan Park site ( which goes into a bit more of what's going on with the site. But thank you for finding out about our lovely neighborhood treasure! -Kirby Vining

  2. And of course Mr.vining has put to his slant on everything. Build this site now, before it's lost forever! Friends of McMillan Park are not friends to DC residents! What Mr. Vinig doesn't tell you is that he's been a slum lord in the the neighborhood for the last 20 years and just returned to Dc and now wants to save the site...Creat McMillan Park now!

  3. Glad you both presented alternative views. My goal was just to do the drawing. Hopefully a compromise can come out of all this. It is a bummer the area is behind a fence.