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Monday, November 15, 2010

On The Fly

On the Fly food truck
This is the last sketch I finish working on from the Rally To Restore Sanity a couple of weeks ago. Technically its the first sketch I worked on, but I never got a chance to finish it up until recently.

On The Fly is another food truck in town, and it made a good choice coming to the Mall during the rally, as I never saw it without a line. They found a nice spot in front of the Hirshhorn sculpture garden and caught a lot of the foot traffic heading to the big show. Time dictated that I get moving towards the crowd and events, so I didn't join the line. But I like the On The Fly methodology; supporting local companies, using smart cars as trucks, eco-packaging, etc... they've got their green bases covered.

I met Joel & Ginny around there for a loose Sketch Crawl, covering the Rally, but we parted ways as things started. Joel & I managed to meet up afterwords to share some sketches, and frankly just sit for a few minutes while the crowd thinned out a bit.

I love the food trucks in this town and have sketched a few of them, but I think I need to take a break from them for a while and get back to some of the beautiful architecture we've got over here.

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