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Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome to Urban Sketchers > Washington DC

"Urban Sketchers is the brainchild of Spanish-born illustrator and journalist Gabriel Campanario, a staff artist and blogger at The Seattle Times. After seeing an increasing number of people sharing their location drawings in the blogosphere, Campanario joined forces with a few of them to launch this initiative.

He started USk as a Flickr group in November 2007. A year later, he invited a small group of artists to join the group blog as correspondents and post drawings from their cities and from their trips on a regular basis."

It has been two years since the launch of Urban Sketchers and there are now nearly 100 USk correspondents with 18 (and counting) satellite Urban Sketcher blogs devoted to specific regions and cities around the world. The Urban Sketchers network is constantly growing, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.

I was very excited to be asked to join as a correspondent for Urban Sketchers two years ago, it's been a great motivator to explore the city, and not only show off, but discover some parts of DC I never would have seen otherwise. I'm really happy now that there is such a great and talented group of sketcher in DC to do the same.

As Gabi says "There are not many rules. Post your location drawings, share your thoughts on the ones posted, and let the group know if you're going out to sketch in case somebody else wants to come along. Just have fun with it. "

We here by the Beltway hope to continue and maintain Gabi's mission with Urban Sketchers in our corner of the USk network. Keep an eye on us, as we still have a few more sketchers to introduce to you & we'll be keeping track of scheduled drawing events happening in DC. And of course come back to get a look at Washington DC through our eyes, pens, and paper. Welcome to the Urban Sketchers > Washington DC blog!

Urban Sketchers Washington DC

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  1. Nice post Christian, thanks for the back story. I wanted to explain it to some newbees I met at the Washington Printmaker's Gallery yesterday. I invited one to join us on our next sketch crawl!